At Yükseller Metal, transparency is at the core of our commitment to sustainable practices. Calculating and monitoring our carbon emissions allows us to make informed decisions, reduce our environmental impact, and contribute to a greener future. Here’s a glimpse into how we calculate our carbon emissions:

• Identify Emission Sources

Determine all sources of carbon emissions within your production processes. This may include energy consumption, transportation, raw material extraction, and other relevant activities.

• Collect Data

Gather data on energy consumption, fuel usage, and other relevant metrics. This data may come from utility bills, fuel consumption records, and other internal sources.

• Convert Data to CO2 Equivalent

Express all emissions in terms of CO2 equivalent. Different greenhouse gases have varying global warming potentials, so converting them to a common unit (CO2 equivalent) allows for a comprehensive assessment.

• Use Emission Factors

Utilize emission factors provided by environmental agencies or industry standards to estimate emissions associated with specific activities. These factors provide standardized values for the carbon intensity of various processes.

• Include Scope 1,2 and 3 Emissions

Scope 1 : Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Scope 2 : Indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heating or cooling

Scope 3 : Indirect emissions from the entire value chain, including suppliers and costumers

• Assess Carbon Removals

Consider any carbon removal practices, such as reforestation or carbon capture technologies, that offset emissions. These can contribute to a more accurate assessment of your net carbon footprint.

• Regularly Update and Verify

Regularly update emission calculations to reflect changes in operations or adopted sustainability measures. Independent verification can enhance the credibility of your reported emissions.

• Communicate Findings

Share your calculated carbon emissions with stakeholders through reports, communication channels, or sustainability platforms. This transparency demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility.

By following these steps, Yükseller Metal can systematically calculate its carbon emissions, paving the way for informed decision-making and continuous improvement in sustainable practices.

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